Thank you for another great year. Jonah's EB Auction 2013 has ended. Winners will receive an email within the next 48 hours with instructions for how to make payment.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's that time again!!

One year has gone and another one has begun.  That means that auction time is just around the corner.  I can't believe that this will be the FOURTH year for the auction! If you are new this year, welcome!  If you've been around for awhile, or even since the beginning, welcome back!  This auction is our little way to raise funds and awareness for EB in honor of a very special little boy (Jonah, in case you don't know) who will be turning FOUR YEARS OLD this year.

The timing of this year's auction will be a little different than it has been in the past.  The last day of the auction has always been on Jonah's birthday (February 27th).  However, since his birthday falls in the middle of the week this year and more people can participate in the auction during the weekend, we are going to push it back a few days.  The auction dates for 2013 will be Thursday, February 28 (8pm EST) through Sunday March 3 (9pm EST).  That will give us a full 72 hours, plus a bonus hour (for giggles--and so I can get my kids in bed in time to actually close things out).

As we have in the past, we would love to include anything that is on your heart to donate to the auction.  Over the years of doing this, I've found that smaller items are the most practical (for shipping purposes), but larger items like quilts do well too.  Gift cards for restaurants and everyday shopping (grocery, gas, Target, etc) have done fantastically well in the past.  They usually go for over their value and they are very inexpensive to ship. We've found that there are some legal restrictions to what we can accept based on state laws (no live animals, alcoholic beverages, etc.), but if you are unsure about a possible donation, you can always email and ask!  I will leave the old items up on the auction blog for the next few weeks so you can get ideas about what types of items to expect this year or donation ideas if you'd like to donate.  *Please note, those are LAST YEAR'S items and are not open for bidding.*

For those of you that are new to the auction (or maybe you're not and just didn't know), I (Katie) do most of the work behind the auction. Patrice is a very close friend of mine and this auction was born out of a desire to do something for Jonah's first birthday. That desire led to the idea to host a *small* online auction to raise money for DebRA. I had no idea that first auction would be as big as it was, nor that people would enjoy it enough that years later I would be sitting here preparing to do this for the FOURTH time.  And I couldn't be more thrilled! While I do utilize Patrice's slave labor generous offers to help with some of the work, it is my hope that this auction not be a burden on their family (especially with the addition of G!).  So, when you are emailing in, unfortunately you aren't getting in contact with a blog world mini-celeb, just little ole' me. :)

I look forward to another wonderful auction and getting to know many of you. EB is a terrible, horrible, unfair disease and this auction is one chance each year to fight it regardless of where you live--we ship all over the country (and even internationally!).  All of the money raised goes straight to DebRA for research and the care and support of our beautiful "butterflies". If you would like to donate an item for the auction, would like more information about donating, or just have a question about the auction, you can email me at

Let's do this thing.

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