Thank you for another great year. Jonah's EB Auction 2013 has ended. Winners will receive an email within the next 48 hours with instructions for how to make payment.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Black Airtype Elk Bear T-shirt (4T)

Airtype has kindly donated this t-shirt from their unique "Animal Farm" kids line.

From the Airtype website: Inspired by kids, for kids, The Elk Bear spends most of its time in the woods, sleeping up to 12 hours a day in a cave. It can run as fast as 30 mph. Elk Bears love playing 'hide and seek', chasing birds, riding bikes, painting pictures and playing 'tag' in the snow.
Features: The kids' version of our popular adult T-shirt.
Specs: Unisex 100% Fine Jersey Cotton w/ vintage soft ink. Sweatshop Free / 100% Made in USA. Flip inside out, wash cold and hang dry. See size chart for details.
Valued at $22.

Bidding will start at $7.