Thank you for another great year. Jonah's EB Auction 2013 has ended. Winners will receive an email within the next 48 hours with instructions for how to make payment.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Glass Dangle Earrings

**THIS IS A DOUBLE BID MATCHING ITEM!!  Two amazing people have offered to match bids up for this item!!  The first will match bids up to $30 and the other will match all the way up to $150!!**

These lovely earrings have quite the story.  They were sent by Laura of Laurel Creek Designs (a very dedicated supporter of the auction since the very beginning) to be used in the 2012 auction, but very literally fell between some cracks and never got listed.  She graciously let me hold on to them for use in this year's auction giveaway. They were won by a woman named Christie Zink.  You may recognize that name, because she is an amazing advocate for all things EB.  Her I Refuse campaign aims to support the research efforts going on at the University of Minnesota to find a cure for EB.  It was little surprise, then, when I received an email from Christie saying that she was thrilled to have won, but wanted to donate the earrings back so they could help raise funds to fight EB.  Now they are here for your bid and stand to raise potentially TRIPLE your bid for DebRA.

They are valued at $18.

Bidding will start at $6.